Sony Xperia Z3 Plus

Sony has churned out a lot of good mobile phones out on the market. They pride themselves in creating not only mobile phones with great features but also with great durability as well.

They’ve created a lot of waterproof mobile phones because they know that people love to bring their phones near the pool, for example. Obviously, if you put your mobile phone by the poolside, there is a good chance that the phone will get wet. Fortunately, their mobile phones are quite durable and waterproof that you do not have to worry about it getting damaged because of accidental water spills.

Today, we are going to talk about the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus. This is just a minor update from their original Xperia Z3. Let’s see what’s new with this mobile phone.

The design of the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus is quite similar to the original Xperia Z3 with some noticeable changes. This mobile phone is much slimmer than its predecessor by only having a thickness of 6.9mm.

The battery of the phone, though, has been cut down by a little bit from 3,100 Mah (Xperia Z3) to 2,900 Mah in the Xperia Z3 Plus. Still, 2,900 is a pretty impressive battery capacity and it should hold its own until the end of the day.

As previously mentioned, the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus is a waterproof phone. To help protect your phone from water, the Xperia Z3 comes with a plastic plug to cover the ports. This is to ensure that whenever you subject your phone to some wet places, the phone will be protected from the water.

All of the ports are protected by plastic flaps which can be easily removed without any problems. This is what most people love about this mobile phone because it is not only waterproof, it is also durable as well.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Plus’ display is a 5.2-inch IPS panel display which is quite a good visual treat. Since this phone is capable of recording 4K video, you can marvel at its crispness and clarity because the screen is just so damn good.

This mobile phone comes with the Android Lollipop 5.0.2 which is quite a nice iteration of the Android operating system. Android Lollipop not only provides a clean interface, but it also provides a snappier performance in terms of its responsiveness.

It is also safe to say that this mobile phone packs a punch. The mobile phone is powered by the Snapdragon 810 quad-core processor and it has a hefty 3GB of RAM to satisfy people who love to multi-task using their Android mobile phones.

As with all other Sony mobile phones, the Xperia Z3 Plus has an absolutely fantastic rear camera. This mobile phone comes with a 20.7-megapixel rear camera and it is coupled with the Exmor RS Sensor for a really good camera quality out of the box.

The camera’s interface is much reminiscent to that of its predecessors so there really is not much difference to it. It is also worthy to note that this mobile phone is capable of recording 4K video, so be sure to have a hefty microSD card to handle its storage weight.

Overall, there isn’t really much to say about the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus. It only has quite a few additions from its predecessor. But, don’t get me wrong; this mobile phone packs a serious punch despite its very small upgrades.

The Sony Xperia Z3 Plus costs only $430.

Homeopathic hCG Drops

Most dieters nowadays are already familiar with the hCG diet. Sure, you have to be injected with the hCG hormone while only consuming a maximum of 500 calories per day. Most people get that, but they also don’t know that there is an alternative.

You see, a lot of people want to lose weight, but there are also a lot of people that do not want to be injected. They fear the needles and people are not compelled to have anything to do with them.

Knowing this, supplement manufacturers have created homeopathic versions of the hCG hormone that come in droplet form. These are called the Homeopathic hCG drops.

What are Homeopathic hCG drops? Basically, they are a diluted form of the hormone that can easily be ingested, instead of injecting yourself with it. This is a solution for people who have a phobia of needles.

But of course, critics are quick to point out that the hCG drops do not have the weight-loss potential as that of an original hCG injection. Why is that so?

Well, Homeopathic hCG drops are continuously diluted until no original trace of the hCG hormone can be found. They do this because when you do Homeopathy on a certain substance, the “memory” of the substance will remain in the solution. This would be the active ingredient, which in this case, is the hCG hormone.

But, unfortunately, supplement manufacturers do not disclose any information regarding the Homeopathic hCG drops. All of these drops are produced on closed doors, meaning that no one outside the company can see the production process. This is where critics are so skeptical about the real contents of the hCG drops, or if it does contain any of the hormone in them.

Also, the hCG hormone is a kind of Protein. When you ingest that in your body through your mouth, it will be broken down instead of being absorbed. And the body does not stitch them back up together, making the hCG drops (if there are really and trace of hCG in them) ineffective.

Now, what if you see the words “FDA approved” on the label of the hCG drops? Aren’t they at least effective because they were approved by the FDA? Well, the answer is, they got approved because they were able to meet the standards when creating the homeopathic supplement. They didn’t get approved because it really had a positive effect on weight loss.hcg-drops

That being said, should you but these Homeopathic versions of the hCG hormone? For me personally, after what I have just written, I would say No. I am still quite doubtful if there are any traces of the hCG hormone in them.

Also, these hCG drops are quite expensive as well. But, a lot of people claim that they are losing weight. They are because of the crazy 500-calorie diet, but there is really no evidence that it was due to the hCG drops. A placebo effect, maybe? I think so.

R4 3DS Flashcarts

Flashcarts aren’t a new invention—they’ve been around for years. Consumer-grade flashcarts, such as the popular R4, were popularized during the days of the original Nintendo DS. Today, DS-friendly flashcarts still maintain popularity well into the 3DS’ lifespan.

Lots of people have questions to ask about the R4 3DS. Luckily, we’re here to answer more of the most frequently asked questions about the device. In this series of articles, we’re going to answer a few more of the most frequently asked questions about the R4 3DS.

More Frequently Asked Questions ~ The R4 3DS

In our last article, we covered setting up the MicroSD card and inserting all of the devices into their appropriate slots. Now, it’s time to take a look at actually tinkering with the software of the R4 3DS.

Operating the Software

Once you power on the Nintendo 3DS, it’ll immediately boot into the R4 3DS main menu. You’ll be able to work with the menu, as you would with the system’s own native menu, by pressing the buttons or touching the screen.

Use the directional pad to select the game and media functions. If you select the game function, press the A button to enter the game menu; you can also press the A key if you select the media function to enter the media menu.

The Game Menu

Being a part of a game console, the R4 3DS’s game menu is pretty intricate—but, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible to use.

Once you enter the game menu, you’ll be faced with several options. If you want to return to the main menu, you can press the R button to do so. The L button controls the brightness of the menu, adjustable by four levels.

The main game menu is noted as the Game Interface. The top screen of the handheld will show four icons: Game, Cheat, Setting and ROM. The bottom screen will display information about games, including the name, file size and category. The directional pad controls all the movement on this menu. The X or B button selects the options on the Game Interface’s menu.

Here’s more information about the Game Interface menu’s options:

Cheat: Allows users to enter in cheat codes and the like. The bottom screen will show the current game name (if its inserted), the cheat function setting, the cheat function’s switch, file save and a reminder window. Touching the cheat button will turn cheats on and off, while touching the file save button will save the current file.

Setting: Lets users change the language for the menu. The languages included are English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

ROM: Allows users to extend the functionality of their games. The ROM menu shows DMA, software start and cheat functions, in addition to file save. Also enables more control over ‘soft resetting’ for users who desire the function.

Note: When in ROM mode, it’s not recommended to save during a soft reset; instead, return to the game’s main menu and soft reset. It’s recommended to turn off the soft reset function if it doesn’t work or negatively impacts the game.